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On this web site you can purchase the book, Green Plums, Dye-Ditch Water, and The Trash Pile Road,  the music CD, "Mill Village Buddies Memories," and other memorabilia that will get you through those nostalgic times when you're longing for a taste of your hometown. Join in the spirit of happy times. Relive the memories of eating green plums, annually burning the dye-ditch bridge, and meeting friends on the Trash Pile Road. Say hello to neighbors you haven't thought of in years, and harken back to all the friendships formed in Sylacauga's Mill Village and B.B. Comer and/or Sylacauga schools.

For those of you who have never been there, Sylacauga is a sleepy little town that lies between Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama. The population is approximately 12,500. If you currently live in Sylacauga or have moved away, this is a way to connect with your memories of one of the greatest communities in the South. Mill Villagers E.S. Glosson and Alton Brasher are credited with coining the term "Mill Village Buddies."  Just a mention of the name conjures up visions of Avondale Mills, B.B. Comer schools, and the camaraderie that all enjoyed growing up in the Mill Village. Click on the "Sylacauga" sign at left and be led to the official web site of MVBs, The Sylacauga Forum.

Our book, songs and memorabilia are not so much historical documents as they are about a group of people who unselfishly contributed their talents to reminisce about and pay tribute to their hometown—and adopted hometown—of Sylacauga. Neither is the book intended to be a masterpiece of precise grammar and spelling. If you note dialectal variants within its pages, it is because this is who we are, and this is the way we grew up speaking and writing, before formal education stole our colorful images and converted us to the “General American” style. In the same vein, if there appear to be conflicts of information on any of the  pages, this is simply the result of individual memories paying tribute to one or the other of the people or events involved.

Speaking of tributes, our pages include many, many personal tributes from MVBs and sponsors who contributed financially to the first printing. One tribute was inadvertently omitted, and we do deeply apologize. Jettie Brown Roberts sent us the following to be included, and it will be found on page 42 of all future printings of Green Plums...

A Mill Village Buddy tribute:
In Memory of Arcie & Ruby Brown
30 Maryland St., Sylacauga, Al.

Thanks Mom & Dad for the Memories.
You will be in our Hearts and Thoughts Forever

Jettie Ruth Brown Roberts
Howard Logan 

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Book: Green Plums, Dye-Ditch Water and the Trash Pile Road, poems, prose, and short stories by              MVB's, edited by and contributed to by Lathan Hudson, Janet Moreland, and Sheryl Paige

Music on CD: "Mill Village Buddies Memories," plus 6 other songs by Lathan Hudson and Sheryl  Paige    

Memorabilia: Books written by MVBs.
Mill Village Buddies
Sylacauga, Alabama
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